Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday tales

Lady Gaga alert, doing a video in the country, not far from here.
If only I could have gone...

We had a power outage Saturday night. At least dinner was on the table when it happened. And..well...what can I say LIGHTS OUT.

Same old story about the heat. The power wasn't off for long. But long enough.

We did see FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. I have a review today at Ivy's Closet on the movie. I guess it was a good date movie. Maybe. Although, parts kind of made me uncomfortable to watch with Lars, but he had some good laughs.

We went to the Borders going out of business sale. Its so sad that Borders is closing. It was really a good meeting place for a lot of us. I did get a new crochet book. And we got my Dad the new Devo CD. We listened to it on the way home. Now Lars wants to listen to their old stuff.

maybe we'll get there one day. maybe we already are, and just don't know it.

My last chance lunch with girlfriends wasn't long enough. Funny, how one can get started on one person we know and well, the whole hour is gone. My one friend who moved away is still upset with her friend here. They used to do lots together. This time, she caught her at the bathroom in Target for a chat. Then I have to listen to that friend (the one from the bathroom aka co-worker) about how she feels about this friend who's moved away. They usually say the same thing about each other. But I never tell the other. They both think of each other as brats. Which is funny to even think it. And somewhere, I'm caught in the middle. But the Mexican food was good. Although, I always get tacos and then wish I'd tried something new.

Nothing too exciting. OK, Lars and I did drink a whole bottle of white wine while the power was out and my parents were gone. So lets just say that Lars can talk me into just about anything. Almost. And he thought he was clever. Well, I didn't get sick, and I got to sleep late Sunday morning. Except, we were in my parent's bed. Actually, I think he just wanted more room to move around..and that other thing which I won't divulge.

So yeah, sheets washed, put back on their bed. And its back to our room. Still, I'd rather they not know this. And what was I thinking? Yeah, I had too much to drink. Just what am I going to do with him. He's really good when my parents are around.


  1. Wow, that would have been a great show. Just amazing that lady gaga likes our part of the world. I guess.

  2. Lars..lars..glad you had some time with your friends.

  3. how cool lady gaga was nearby. bummer about your friends and their "bratty-ness." you and Lars are pretty funny. glad you enjoyed a few fun days as of late!

  4. Oh wow..Lady Gaga in a cornfield. Amazing. Do behave now!

  5. oh, the ups and downs of summer. But you're bouncing along.

  6. I still can't believe Lady Gaga was in your neck of the woods.

  7. Oh, hopefully, the heat wave will simmer down soon.

  8. Haha your boyfriend sounds like such a typical guy :p I'm glad you enjoyed seeing your friends :)

  9. Seriously boys will be boys won't they?

    Hate being caught in the middle of friends.

  10. Oh, he's something..all right.