Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Chicago dog
New York City dog

What was I thinking? Going out for hot dogs with Lars. Ugh. OK, so Sonic makes a pretty good Chicago dog. Its sweet. Its sour & hot spicy too. Its just, why did I eat the whole thing. I got the #7 which means 2 dogs, a drink and a side (tots). One bite of the New York dog and it was like biting into someone's stinky toe. But guess who ate it without a second thought? I think I've had my quota for hotdogs this year.

Sometimes, Lars is just a never ending kid when it comes to eating. I think back how he was at first. Of course, we were on the cheap. You know, get half a sandwich and cup of soup at Paneras. We'd share the drink together. He'd eat the sandwich. I'd get the soup. It was so cute and for moment I felt I might be in a Francesca Lia Block novel. Well, not quite. Either of us are far from having eating disorders.

Although, I highly doubt I'll ever be actually vegetarian. Although, I do eat veggies. Its just, well..with our economy..I eat whatever is in the fridge. But less meat. After all, Lars will take care of the sausages and such. Is that just a man thing or what?

maybe it'll feel like fall when Vampire diaries is back.

Well, I do have a co-worker who could possibly beat my brother in a steak contest. She brought her own prime rib other day to work that she'd smoked on grill on such an occasion as if she might be hungry at break time. She's the queen of larping, too. She camps out every weekend. She's always telling me how many tick bite she gets.

A friend of mine dated her last summer for about a week or so. She kept insisting that he was too huggy and what not. Anyway, I'm so glad he's not dating her now. She made him sound disgusting. But somehow, I think it was all in her head. Who knows. I'm just glad they aren't dating.

Jackson is heating things up...

JUST 3 MORE EPISODES OF TEEN WOLF. OK, so it is my favorite show this summer. I love how Tyler Posey' Scott can get all nervous. He makes it possibly more suspenseful than it actually is. And I really like the bromance between Scott & Stiles. Still I wish there was more. More we could see from other characters. I'm getting into MTV's AWKWARD too. Its the premise of Girl likes Boy. They hook up. He claims he has no interest in her at school. But you just know he does. Somehow, it all boils down to peer pressure.

Still ugly humidity and heat out. Possibly another reason why I wanted to upchuck my Sonic food. Which leads me back to Lars.

I think he's settling in. So now its me who has to get used to everything. Obviously. Yes, I like cuddling, a but a little can go along way. Like to the point of smothering. Its hard to get insync. I guess..that's what it is. He'll be like..are you mad at me? I tell him I'm not. I just need to sleep. But he doesn't make it easy. It might have to do with it being so hot. At this rate, we won't need any heat at all during the winter-time..which is a really good thing since my room feels like a meat locker then. Now, we've pulled the bed out from the AC vent. That has helped. Some. But still we have fans going at the end of the bed too. Yes, I have a fear of getting up in the night and walking into a fan. Of course, I'd have to stumble over Lars, which he takes as a sign that I want to do something else. He could do it half asleep. Honestly. Maybe even in his sleep.

Then he'll be all.."I had this dream that...." He's all smiles about it.

So really, I'm not getting much sleep.


  1. Sweet FLB quote. Hmmm, I'm not much for hotdogs, either.

    Hang in there.

  2. Hotdogs should maybe be eaten once a year. Now corndogs..different story. They're even good at breakfast. Hope things smooth out.

  3. Hope you get some rest soon.

  4. Things are really heating up..=)

  5. Hahaha I hope you get some more sleep soon! I shouldn't laugh, but you two are so cute :)

  6. okay those hot dogs look really good. i think the chicago one looks the yummiest!

    and i too love Vampire Diaries. it's my guilty pleasure. i even get my hubby to watch it with me. hee hee.