Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

It was so mild and nice over the weekend. Really a comfortable weekend. And I'm glad we got to enjoy it. Actually, doing nothing.

Well, Dad had wanted to chase a deer away. Lars kind of laughed at that. Thankfully, Dad didn't hear him. Instead, Lars finished off the water melon. He's very good at eating left overs.

So he's working at the same place my brother is. And its good for him. Well, Mom keeps insisting this. He doesn't really live her, but he might as well.

And..and Caleb got a 2003 Honda Accord. Still isn't sure if he can ever get it paid. If not, my brother said he'd buy it. Between Caleb and my brother, Lars gets rides to work.

At work, well..the guy no one could stand finally got a better job. His weekends are free now so he can be a youth minister. So we're planning a huge potluck...for after he leaves. Its kind of an inside joke. But we are having a potluck actually for him too. Hopefully, not everyone will bring desserts, like this one time. It was a very bad potluck when all you have to eat is pie, brownies, cookies..anything sweet. That will never happen again.

Unfortunately, we are now short handed and there is a freeze on hiring. But, that means more hours to work. Which I like the idea of but really know it won't that much fun doing.

So Caleb's girlfriend was stranded at this camp(where she works) because of the Missouri flooding. She finally came home on the weekend, but went back.

I watched EXTRACT with Jason Bateman. Its a Mike Judge film. The guy who did OFFICE SPACE. Possibly not a cult classic, but Dustin Milligan was so funny in this film. He was such a dumb guy who was the so called gigolo. I had seen him In the Land of Women with Kristen Stewart and well, he didn't have to do much. I hear he was fantastic in 90210, but then he got laid off the show to cut cost. Although, in spite of all the eye-candy on 90210, I've never been able to get into the show.

OK, Lars heard Rainy Day Woman (this interesting country song) at the end of EXTRACT and decided to show me how to do the two-step. Which was so weird, I  had no idea he even knew how to country and western dance. Lets just say, I'm glad no one saw that, but he's pretty good. I just can't see us going to a country disco or anything.

Is he still engaged to Keira?

Then he thought Rupert Friend was so gay in Cheri. I kept telling him to stop saying that. He was very annoying to have around while watching that film. Although, I kind of wish they were speaking French so you'd know it was a French movie. Its just funny, to think of a guy being name Cheri. Then Lars had to start talking like that guy from the song "my English romance". Such a very bad French accent, I must say, but it was funny. "You know what..we..could" He had me guessing. So silly. But I didn't really mind.


  1. Now I want to watch cheri! Some fun times.

  2. Looks like someone is making the best of summer...hehehehee

  3. Oh, cute! I really like the images, too!

    With love, Kirsten

  4. It sounds like such a relaxing, fun weekend :) You two should definitely go to a country dance together!

  5. I took a whole country dance class in College it was so much fun.

  6. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. I'd go for some fake French accent...maybe.

  7. So I hope you get to ride in Caleb's new car. Both of you.