Friday, June 17, 2011

Crackship Friday - Monica and Jared


The picnic was a surprise. So was the view. Monica suspected they weren't suppose to be here, even if she didn't see a no trespassing sign. Nobody here on the cliff, but the two of them. The view was amazing. She guessed not many wanted to climb that far. After all, he'd helped her all the way up, and she really wasn't wanting to come down, anytime soon.

He's brought roasted chicken from the deli and croissants even fresh raspberry. Finger foods. No plates, but a blanket to get comfortable on and a bottle of white wine.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" She looked at him as he opened it.

"If I must." He said ever so clever. There were no glasses. He handed the bottle over to her. She took a drink. It was sweeter than she imagined. "Not bad." She handed it back to him as she reached for a raspberry. She was sure it wouldn't take much to get her intoxicated. As it was, he was pretty darn intoxicating, already. And it troubled her that she found him so...charming.

Monica studied him as she got comfortable and pulled a piece of white meat from the chicken. He sat down the bottle and pulled a part a croissant, reached over and pushed a piece of it in her mouth to go with the chicken. She almost choked on laughter.

He laughed too. She picked up a raspberry and aimed for his mouth. And he caught it as if he might be ten instead of in his twenties.

"Two can play at this, you know." She gave him a serious look.

"You think?" His smirk was sly. He went back to making a sandwich and handed it over to her. "Thirsty?" He took another sip of wine. He handed it over and she took some.

"How do you know this place?" She winced.

"Just an accident, I guess." He shrugged as he ate a sliver of white meat. "Always, thought, if I had a chance..I'd bring you, here."

She just smiled and laid back across the soft blanket wishing that maybe she hadn't. Because the wine hit her. Right between the eyes, perhaps. The spirit of it. Not the bottle its self. She started to laugh and he came over her then and put the bottle away.

She looked up at his smile. She reached to kiss his face and he fell on top of her. But she kissed him more as if she'd never felt quite like this. It couldn't be the wine. Couldn't be. But he let her kiss him as if he were only there to follow her lead. Her fingers combed his wind swept locks. Finally, she stopped.

"You wouldn't let me fall off the cliff, would you?" She was serious.

"No." He shook his head. She liked him close. He was definitely even more than she ever imagined.

"Don't let me do anything crazy, OK?" Monica made it sound like a warning. Jared nodded, as he was to her side, his cheek resting on his hand as he looked at her. His other hand found her face. They kissed more. Suddenly, it felt as if she'd fallen into a dream. Yet each turn, felt as if he wanted another kiss as if she were his teacher, and he was her student.


  1. Cool installment. Love that "don't let me do anything crazy.." heheee

  2. This is written so very well. Great job!!

  3. Really, wonder what's next!

  4. Aww what a romantic day!!! They're so cute together :)