Monday, June 13, 2011

character notes

For sometime now I've been thinking of one of my own characters, Roger, who is bi-sexual. However, he just doesn't have much luck with anyone. I have to admit when I first started writing about this character in the beginning of my 'ellie' stories...I couldn't stand him. He thought he was gods gift to dating girls in high school. Eventually, a very annoying character.... the main character could never quite trust.

He's complicated. With highs and lows. Realizing, he couldn't even compete with the person he wanted to project. Also, he never took his parents  divorce well. An only child too. Finally, he found love with Cory which seemed like it would last, only it didn't. Cory was one of those guys who broke up with him for all the right reasons. Cory was going to college. And, Roger was lost without him. Of course, all along Roger (and still at moments) is in love with ellie. But things were looking up for him when he and Olivia got together. Possibly, Roger is the type who feels the need to be the rescuer. On the other hand, he hates driving, despises manual labor. Although, he's at least been a cashier at a grocery store the last few years while in college. Anyway, he felt it was his duty to be with Olivia.

But they had their own little problems being a couple. Actually, to do with sex. Not that they weren't doing it. He kept giving her a yeast infection. In the end, well, she moved on and Roger was left with the idea..well, it didn't work with a girl..maybe I'd be better off with a guy..kind of attitude..and luckily..he met Doyle at a concert.

Thus, he in a sense outed Doyle, who ended up living with Roger since Doyle's Mom wants nothing to do with Doyle anymore. Of course, Doyle always seemed to be the more mature of the two even if Roger was his first partner, in everyway.

Unfortunately, Roger, I wouldn't say exactly got bored, but he suddenly thought of having his own kids when his friends started having kids. Doyle didn't want kids. So to distract himself from wanting to fuss anymore with Doyle about this issue, Roger started having some fun with his roommate Amber who, already had a boyfriend. Of course, half the time he was putting her down, but then making up for it. Thus, this lead to this 'power' he'd never quite felt before. Perhaps a dirty little secret, he couldn't get enough of. But of course, Amber wasn't good at keeping secrets. And even after she broke up with her boyfriend and Doyle ended it with Roger...they decided they'd try being a couple. Which, he thought was working, but it wasn't since.. he still put her down instead of actually being there for her.

So now, I want Roger to meet and different. I had thought of the "Frankie" type from the past season on Skins. The girl who is transgender, but not sure she really wants a girlfriend or not. Still, I wasn't quite sold on the idea. Anyway, I finally found the right Ryan..this time. I've been inspired by You Tube sensation, Dani Shay.


  1. Definitely sounds like this new character will be interesting.

  2. Wow, he certainly is a character! what a complicated love-life!

  3. Thank God Matt P. in real life has such a sweet girlfriend.

  4. You do make him quite interesting.