Friday, June 10, 2011

Crackship Friday - the Vascos Brothers


Chet wasn't sure what to make of his older brother Noah.

"You don't think he's on drugs, do you?" Chet asked Izzy on the ride over to the bar where they always got their favorite pizza.

"Maybe she is the drug." Izzy slyly smiled.

Chet rolled his eyes. He was beginning to think he had idiots for brothers. True, Noah was into the ladies, so to speak. It annoyed the hell out of Chet to even listen to Noah's lingo. He was different around Sheila. He'd hate for Noah to go back to Mr. Hot Stuff when seriously, Chet didn't think Noah was hot, at all.

They found them a table. Izzy ordered a pitcher of Noah's favorite dark beer. Chet drank some too, even if he probably shouldn't have, but no one said he couldn't. Besides, Izzy had ordered anchovies on that pizza. Chet was going to have to do some serious drinking if he were going to choke down a slice or two.

"So, you gonna try to get her back?" Chet gave Noah a dead stare.

"I dunno. I-I think she's given up on me." He shrugged as he nursed the mug of beer.

"Given up? What do you mean?" Chet winced.

"She wanted to be married by now." Noah sighed.

"Sounds pretty simple to me." Chet told him.

"Its not that simple." Noah shook his head. "Of course, I love her. But I got student loans to pay. A job, where I'll never get a raise. I-I just don't see how I can support her, you know. I guess."

"Well, you've lived with her this long." Izzy reminded him who drained his mug already and poured himself another.

"Yeah, but...Sheila wants a house. Everything." Noah looked at both of them, that there was no way he could give her all that.

Finally, the pizza came. For somebody, who said he had a stomach ache, Noah ate like he was famished.

"You know, sometimes, I wonder if we'd be just as well, back in Greece." Izzy said as if it were a challenge.

"I thought you were just talking about a trip?" Chet winced. "You know, a visit? Are you saying what I think you are saying?"

"Well, I get these houses built, I just might see if its possible. To move there. I could stay with Dad's uncle." Izzy nodded.

"You can't be serious." Chet drank at the beer, as if he might start to enjoy it.

"What's really keeping me here?" Izzy winced.

"Mia?" Chet thought his brother wanted to marry her.

"She's busy right now with her family." Izzy sighed. "Why not see my family, huh?"

Chet looked at Noah, hoping he'd say something to change Izzy's mind, but he was eating the last piece of pizza. Chet sighed, took another sip of beer. He couldn't stand to see Izzy go all that distance, without him.


  1. Chet seems concerned enough for him. I dunno if he'd go to Greece or not.

  2. They do care about their brother.

  3. I'd love the option to go to Greece :)

  4. Oh..Chet needs to go to Greece!

  5. Maybe she is the drug, that was my favorite (: