Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

I wish I had Serena's room...

At this rate, can I even spell Wednesday? I sometimes, wonder. So yeah, its been busy. And it still feels like a a very cold springs, some mornings.
I had lunch with the friend who was upset that I didn't do that thing with her, that one night. At that church. But I think she's over it. Besides, she had a million and one questions to ask about Lars.

Where did we met..blah..blah..blah..

I can't remember. Honestly. It was a while ago. At school. I think it was at lunch, in the cafeteria. He was carrying around a box of cereal(corn chex). See, he was trying to be like diabetic Dan who always eats cereal(wheat chex). They were friends then, and he thought it would be cute..well, cool..I'm sure..if he did the same thing as Dan, not going it alone, eating cereal ...all the time. Well, thats what I remember.

So now, Lars and I are hanging out. I won't say its really dating, because mainly he's eating a lot of food out of my parents fridge. My brother is slowly getting him an interview where he works, which is at a big hotel. But Lars is all HIGHS & LOWS about it. I try not to discuss it. 

I so think I can make that thing on her head out of an old sweater I have.

could there possibly be a baby chuck??

People don’t write sonnets about being compatible, or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones. L’amour fou.
Blair Waldorf 

Ethan Peck moving to Gossip Girl!

I did watch the finale of Gossip Girl. I dunno about that show. Really. But that guy from 10 things I hate about you, showed up near the end..Somebody Peck (an old actor's grandson). Anyway, what would really be sooo cool..if this guy is Serena & Dan's brother. But I'm sure the writers haven't thought of that. I get sick of the same old plot on the show. The girls dress all fancy and Chuck is all dapper and to hell with the rest of them. I swear they can make any actor come on the show and make him look like crap. Just as long as Serena and Blair has all the wardrobe. Nothing else matters. Looks like Vanessa is up to bad stuff with Dan's book and off to Barcelona. Charlie is actually IVY and not really Serena's cousin. I forgot that actress was from THE WAR AT HOME.

So I'm still crocheting on the endless scarf. It might be too big. Which means more yarn. Naturally, no big plans for the summer. Just Lars.

Honestly, I'm trying to be very calm about him. Well, I'm trying. Its just I've been crazy about a guy or two and that leads to a lot of distress, I don't really need. As it is..he might be a lot to put up with. I'll just see if he gets a job or not. So we are friends with something that's not too in devotion. OK, sometimes, he gets to me. Like when he's all happy to see me. I can't help it. Still, no rushing in to regretting anything.

Of course, my friend doesn't believe me. "I know how you operate..." Naturally, I squint hard...with a bitter "WHAT!"

Then I have to listen about an hour of how she's falling out of love with this guy she's been with the last couple years or so. "Do you want that to happen to you?" She says, as if I'd want to be her. NOT.

I want to ask questions about..can you be FALLING OUT OF ANYTHING WHEN YOU FELL IN..IN THE FIRST PLACE? But she'd think I was stupid for asking. So I don't. Maybe if I'm lucky I can go to the farmer's market this weekend. But I'm sure we'll do something free. Like watch a baseball game from across the street on a grassy knoll. I've always been thrifty, but I gotta say Lars is the thriftiest.


  1. Gossip Girl. I hardly keep up with it. But I liked this. I bet you could make that scarf too.

    Keep it all in perspective.

  2. I totally love your blog. I was never a big gossip girl type of person. An ellen hopkins book is the greatest drama I've seen (:

  3. A baseball game on a grassy knoll sounds pretty fantastic to me!

  4. Oh, our romances..thankfully aren't Gossip girl...

  5. It will be cool if Blair has Chuck's baby, but I just don't see there being babies on Gossip Girl. Even if Georgina had one.

  6. Haha I love Gossip girl! It's so painfully awful that it's good...well not good. But a great way to not think :)
    Good luck with the boy!!!