Friday, May 20, 2011

Crackship Friday

Just a spur of the moment kind of thing. Kat Dennings and Johnny Flynn.

Honestly, he was beautiful from afar. Monica noticed it the first time she saw him on campus. It was breath taking. From yards away, she could get woozy in his presences. He was amazing.

Monica hated to admit that because, in general, she hated most guys. When it came to dating. She always met the wrong one. It never failed. She'd decided she attracted idiots, thieves and losers. If only, she knew this guy.

"Well, that's Jared." Some girl shrugged when Monica asked while waiting in line at the coffee shop in the student union building. "I don't think he dates, either."

Monica gave the stranger a wince. How did this girl know that she didn't date, either? Monica crossed her arms. Thinking, it was silly of her to ask who he was. She checked her bag for her ID and her card for a free coffee, but the card spilled to the floor. She turned to get it.

Damn, if she didn't bump heads with someone, leaving a red mark on his forehead. It was him. was electric. She barely felt the pain of the collision. He was right behind her. It was a strange and an unbelievable, being face to face. Now.

Monica froze. She couldn't help but study the scars on his face. She thought she might have stopped breathing. He was a beautiful specimen. Even more so. His smile was kind. Although, she lost her balance, intoxicated by his presence. He caught her arm before she fell on the girl in front of her.

"You, OK?" His grin was open and natural..and...mesmerizing.

"Yeah..yeah..I'm..I'm great." She sounded foolish, after wards.

He introduced himself. Jared. She muttered her name. Monica. Before she knew it, they were having coffee together. It was crowded, so they stood in the corner at a tall round table. Their backpacks at their feet.

"What are you carrying in there?" He wanted to know.

"My life." She guessed. "My laptop is big and old. It was my brother's."

"I like using pen and paper, myself." He told her.

"Uh-huh..." She she studied the landscape of  his peaceful face, but found herself gazing at his fingers now.

"I don't really type." He showed her how he was a one finger typer, who did it rather sporadically.

"How do you get by?" She imagined he had a pretty girlfriend to do all his work for him. Maybe even a guy, for that matter. Anything was possible. Except the two of them.

"Taking, not so many classes." He shrugged, sipping his hot apple cinnamon tea. She held on to her creamed coffee.

She found out he lived with his old aunt. She lived at home. So much for a great adventure in college life.

"We should do something, some time?" He managed to ask.

"What?" She wasn't sure she heard, correctly. He wrote his number on her hand. She couldn't help but smile with each stroke. She thought she might be giddy. And she was. It was hard to contain herself. And to think, if anyone else had done it, she would have pointed out how silly they were, to think she'd have any interest. But not Jared.

"You, want to go hiking with me?" He asked.

"Sure." She said to quickly. And clicked in his phone number right into her cell since she was worried the number might bleed on the palm of her hand or she'd never figure out his phone number. She called him and his mobile sang a sweet folk tune she wasn't familiar with.

 It was so exciting. Monica could hardly believe it. But it wasn't until he walked away...the dreadful thought came. What if she were seeing a serial killer?

Monica & Jared