Monday, May 16, 2011

Genderswap Monday


genderswap ♦ the vampire diaries
thomas dekker as elena gilbert/katherine pierce 

Weekend notes....

Brrrr..its been a cold and damp weekend. Shivers...but great snuggling weather. Watched repeats of the Vampire Diaries and THE OFFICE ..last Thursday episodes. Altered some clothes, wrote some. I'm happy about a couple of characters. Hopefully, blogger is behaving its self now.

I ordered new TOMS. My MAKE ART NOT WAR shoes have rips in them, but I still love them and I don't want to give them up.

I'm working on a crazy circular scarf at the moment. I don't think it'll look quite like the picture in Crochet Today, but that's OK. I might stop Genderswap Monday.


  1. I always keep shoes til they really need to go.

  2. I hate getting rid of shoes. Which is why I still have a pair of sneakers from when I was 12 years old.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you have had such a creative week!!!

  4. Why do you wanna get rid of Genderswap monday?

    Can't wait to see what your new project will turn out like! Oh and what kind of TOMS?

  5. thomas dekker is sooo sexy. I want TOMS too.