Monday, May 23, 2011

character notes

I have to say I'm finding myself hooked on HAPPY ENDINGS on ABC (Wed. nights). Its sort of an updated version of FRIENDS. Kind of. But you have a married couple. A couple who broke up at their wedding (they'd lived together 8 years) and then their is the single girlfriend. And their single gay friend..MAX.

Max: Wow, a nineties hippie jam band! You know what I’d rather listen to? Myself being shot in the face.

This is the character I love. He is definitely not your typical gay character on a show. He's so Max. He's a bit hard to explain. He hates practically everything, and yet he's a very loyal friend. He's hyper. He loves video games. Can't keep his apartment neat. He's a bit chubby. My friend at work finds him annoying. But generally, she finds everyone annoying.

Max  is played by Adam Pally. He's also a writer and the douchey guy on NTSF;SD:SUV.

MAX: So you want a stereotypically flamboyant, cartoonish, "Sex in the City" gay? That's offensive!


  1. I know right? Not all gay guy act all flamey.

  2. I love his character! Great quotes.

  3. I hate it when tv shows make all gay guys the same. So Max is a true exception, a good one (:

  4. It's funny that I've never heard of this show. I must check it out.

  5. I haven't watched this show. But I already like this character.