Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

We've had our bout with bad weather, but nothing compared to Joplin. We did have hail other night. And Dad was so funny. Mom, too. He ran out and got hit by a golf ball sized hail just to get a piece of hail to put in the freezer. He loves his weather.

He loves his garden too. The deer had been fierce. He's put up netting. Lars' helped. One thumbs up. Maybe for Lars.

Lars and I have had 3 dates. I guess. Well, close enough. First time was at this place where we had to be the youngest people there. I felt I was at a table for wheel chair people. The table was too high. And we ordered potato casseroles. Somebody we knew worked there. I dunno. Didn't really make my night.

Then I just went on a ride with him and we ended up at Schlotzky's. Which really isn't exactly fine dining. But I showed my skills with red hot sauce. He might have been impressed. But the food was good and I was happy to be there. We went to just vintage and thrift stores, old bookstores. It was good. Then we just went to this cafe nearby. Nothing fancy.

I kind of had a breakdown at work. But I don't think anybody realized it. I just hate the way this supervisor gets mad about certain things. You are just suppose to guess. Or read her mind. Then she says I talked back to her. All I said was "yeah.." Then yesterday, I kept having to yell back at this guy on the phone, who kept saying WHAT for at least five minutes. I dunno what his problem was.

Oh, and this one guy I never wrote fan fic with, but we used to talk about it. A lot. He works for the local reader now. He used to have this sweet auburn hair. These amazing curls. He was nerdy. Sort of Woody Allan, but young. Now he has hair down to his waist and as my co-worker put it..Moses' beard. He was so sullen. And well, we didn't talk about writing. He's married. I think he and his wife have moved in with his parents. They might have a kid now. I over-heard his dad mention it. Anyway, his wife is like a foot taller than him and she bosses him around. Constantly. Funny thing, I used to see his Mom do the same thing to him. Of course, he didn't remember me. Oh well.

Then a co-worker moved in with his girlfriend. Then he got sick. He lost his voice, he says.

Lars and I ate up a huge portion of Dad's ratatouille. We were home alone. And Dad had so much left over. Of course, Lars added spaghetti sauce and feta too. It was really good. Dad didn't say anything because he'll eat stuff like this for breakfast.

It was a nice little dinner, actually. We had some wine. It was just a little. Lars thought it would go bad if we didn't drink it. I'm easily persuaded, sometimes by him. Not like we got drunk. It was kind of romantic. Well, we didn't have candles or anything.. OK, I guess it wasn't. But he made me giggle, anyway.

He says I need to watch all the Super-Natural shows. Maybe I will.

Just one other note...

I FINALLY had a dream about Nic Hoult. Of course, it wasn't sexy..exactly. Well, you if..but I met him at a party and he had on this smokey sexy purple eye-shadow..and I have the nerve to ask him. "Why, you, all glammed up?" And he says with that ever so cute and arrogant smile of his..."It inspires me, when I do drama." If only he'd danced with me..or something in my dream..But no, that's all I get. I did have a disgusting dream about this really strange guy who's a plumber, he kissed me. Everytime, I see him now, I definitely shy away.


  1. Wow, golf-ball-sized hail. I remember the time we got hail here. It just looked like someone dumped squarish little ice cubes all over the ground.

    Sounds like things are kind of yin-yang in your life. I like the name Lars; it makes me think of Lars and the Real Girl.

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. What interesting adventures. Love the pics of Nic. So funny about the dream.

  3. I want that dream about nic..teehee..

    Hang in there...

  4. So funny about dreams isn't it? I always dream that my boyfriend cheats on me and then I wake up SUPER cranky.

  5. Love this. Love the golf-sized hail, such a nice detail. Lars is a great name!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Haha aww your poor dad getting hit by hail! It's funny that he likes to collect it :)

  7. I cannot believe that about the hail, its okay jobs can be a real bitch. Though other things sound pretty good so congrats on that (: