Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wee bit of wed, with ellie

he's really quite beautiful

I guess you know where I've been.

OK, he (Alex P.) was perfect for the part in Beastly. He's so damn arrogant without even trying. But then again, he's British. Right? I think. Doesn't matter. Guys like his "kyle" exist. Of course, I have a cousin who can be all so perfectly snobbish. That glare. You think he's mad at the world and everyone in it. Including me. Then I'll find him in the kitchen talking to my mom about books and poetry. And he wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend. That's the kind of A.P. he reminds me of.

Anyway, it isn't always easy to find the beauty in a person. Its like you have to take the time to study them. Even so, they evolve. Its as if you've been tricked. Well, some times. But if that individual can't make you feel comfortable. What really is the point?

we would be something like this, perhaps...maybe..

Although, I can get off on conversation. And I've wondered from time to time if Asperger Guy could be my boyfriend..even if he has this autism. But I don't want to be there if he goes off on some me. We just talk about writing. Mostly. He's possibly a compulsive liar, but I wouldn't tell him that. As it is, my friend told me most guys with Aspergers are gay. Which I won't even go there. I doubt that's true. It really doesn't matter to me. A.G. is just a friend. And..well, he kind of... is a beast. But I've seen how he reacted to this hurt squirrel in the park once. Even if he can be loud and angry and annoying sometimes, he's got a good heart.

He's no Alex Pettyfer. But when I think of a beast..well, this guy I know would definitely fit the part.

Happy Ash Wednesday!

P.s..I won a rumba watch from Cafe Fashionista!


  1. You are probably right about the 'real' beast we meet in guys out there..not those popular egotistical ones..but the ones plighted with a bit of angst to set them off. Even so, I dunno if I'd have that ability to put up with that guy you know.

  2. Well, he does seem like an interesting character. Too bad there can't be a movie about A.G.

  3. I've seen worse..I guess you have too.

  4. Honestly . . . I want to see that movie only because it has Neil Patrick Harris and Mary-Kate Olsen in it. That's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  5. I liked the film. But there are those real 'beast' out there. Some are better than others.