Friday, March 11, 2011

Its Friday

Glee was great this past week. Of course, it might all belong to Santana and Britney where the drama is concerned. It'll be interesting where this goes from here. And Holly being back. Then all these other things are spilled about relationships and Kurt gets a great talk from his dad over sex and boys. Of course, I hate the fact that Blane complained about Kurts 'raw' sexual appeal when he sang. I just gotta wonder if Blane is the one for Kurt. However, the sweetest moment came with Finn & Quinn. I loved that scene. Maybe it was just the bed.

Then there is that intimate moment that was on MTV's SKINS a few weeks between Michelle and Stan. Hopefully, this isn't too up close and personal. But they have to be my favorite couple not going together.

On another note. Such a frightening day. Especially, on the otherside of the world. My prayers and thoughts are to all those who were hit by the horrible earthquake and aftermath. I know this is lame, but I'm wondering if the Japanese actor Kenichi Matsuyama is OK. I looked on his Twitter and he mentioned something about he might die today. I have no idea if that's really his twitter. His latest movie is GANTZ where he plays Masuro Kato. Of course, he'll always be L to me from the Death Note movies.

Also Norwegian Wood looks like a cool movie to look for too.

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  1. I do wonder if Quinn & Finn will leave the show together.