Tuesday, March 8, 2011

its getting better - MTV's Skins

I gotta say, I'm liking MTV's SKINS more and more. At first I had to keep comparing Sid (from the original) to Stan..which is a hybrid character. But I think I like Stan and Michelle's friendship more than I did Sid and Michelle.

First of all, you can see Stan's rush of hormones and wanting all that "feel good" instant moments, yet he backs off and sees how he has to be a friend of Michelle's too..all along, he's actually 'in love' with Caity ..worshiping her from afar. He sees her with a new guy who is of course an athlete.

Last night's episode about Daisy (Camille Cresencia-Mills) had me tears by the end. Her character is based on Jai who is musical and hooks up with Chris, but in the MTV's version she and Abbud Ron Mustafa hook up as friends with benefits. She is the one who knows the right thing to say. She is there to pick up the pieces of her sister and her Dad. Family comes first for her, but a little bit of her wants to have some fun too. Yet Abbud is showing he's got skills as an actor. Even if they aren't going to be a couple he still stands up for Daisy. He didn't back down from her father. All you hear is the bad part of this show, but in reality this show has a rawness of showing a real family and the value of it. This is Cammille's big break and she is definitely working it on the screen.

a wonderful family moment


  1. Abbud is such a better actor than I thought he'd be. Love the screencaps.

  2. I liked last night's episode so much.

  3. I do like Stan. And I'm liking more of the cast, too.