Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 years and counting

Well, I have to say..I wasn't sure where I was going when I started the story. I just knew I wanted to start it. I think I was actually having a bad moment in the kitchen too, and thats where the story the kitchen. And..well, as she had someone who could do it did I and perhaps that's the kernel where Kyle came from.

And  like that person, he could make me just as mad or happy. I always felt though there was a closeness between Ellie and Kyle that she'd never have with any other male. It wouldn't be perfect. It wouldn't be beautiful, even. Yet something more than she'd ever want to admit. Of course, after the start of it..and then later making Kyle more of flawed individual with a not so wonderful past than I really ever meant too..still all was not lost when they became step-siblings.

She has not always agreed about who he liked or dated or whatever. He was never fond of some of her boyfriends, either. Although, I do plan to bring Roxie back into the story. I'm not sure how I came about that because I had to leave a little tale that I had done to my own mom..and then I got to is a small world.

Even so Roxie is different. Perhaps. They will just have to find out for themselves. Although, I'm sure she is more dear to me than I like to admit. Honestly, I found this picture and thought of her, being in the story. I know she hasn't been in it enough. Hopefully, I'll change that soon.


  1. Oh..what a beginning. I've always thought Kyle was interesting.

  2. I'm glad you made that mess in the you could start something.

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  4. :D
    im kinda lost.
    in your blogs.

    so im not sure where to post comment... just wanted to say thank you.
    like so much.

  5. & I love the way the story starts, too.