Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday notes genderswap today.

I'm totally in love with Nicholas Dane.

Who is that, you might ask? Well, he's a character from Melvin Burgess' new novel Nicholas Dane. Nic is just 14, and his world is turned upside down. It has its "about a boy" theme. A boy and his single mother, who croaks. I won't say how, but everyone seems to know but him. His mother hated her family, didn't like his dad. So it was just the two of them. There is prospects of Jenny taking him, who is his Mom's best friend, but she might be a drug counselor with a drug problem. Then there is Amanda, a year younger than him, his best friend Jeremy's little sister who does her best to console him. And he's so letting her.

Naturally, I could see Sam Earle in the role, but he'd have to go Brit for it. Totally.


  1. I really wish they'd make a really good Melvin Burgess movie..with real up and coming actors from the UK.

  2. Sam Earle would certainly be perfect for the part. It was strange KC and the coach on Degrassi. I really wished the writers would have flushed out that story more. It could have been ground breaking, possibly. But fizzled soon. Of course, you have to wonder if that's why KC's character rushed into a quick relationship with Jenna. And of course..we didn't even know they had sex, but she suddenly popped up pregnant.

  3. That story sounds so interesting. Definitely film-worthy.