Saturday, April 2, 2011

more notes to myself

I'm going to try not to beat myself up about this. Really. Although, I'd kind of like to know what I did to offend someone. Its like they can comment on what ever they want to on my blogs, and I'm suppose to be OK with it..over the years. And I have. Although, It would have been nice to have some feed back if they liked the character, or didn't or what they could suggest. But no, I get something entirely off the subject. I realize I am of no importance.

Granted, I know a story blog really throws some people. Sometimes, I don't like writing in first person. Some days my tenses are off..or it could be the scene. It bothers me at times..and then doesn't. am just going to go on..even if I do feel my feelings have been hurt...and they don't even care to know why. Hopefully, this person will learn to be a better friend to someone. Probably not me. But I guess we were never really friends. I'm just a blogger on the internet.

Once, though..I did write a diary from a male point of view once. And yes, I very much loved him as much, as perhaps a few readers. Of course, I will not give away that secret. But we had some fun..while it lasted.

I've sort of been worried about myself. After watching a TV show..of all things..wondering if I could possibly be Schizophrenic. I have a very close friend who thinks I might be. I have a few of the signs. Although, I'm not crazy. And I sort of... have seen crazy. Some of my brother's girlfriends over the years. Anyway, I don't feel I'm crazy.  Its just I very much want to know the story going on in my head.

But then on the other hand, I'm not sure anyone else wants to know. Still, it makes me happy to write. Hoping to be a better writer. And I felt good about today. Writing through it. Getting to where I had hoped to get in the story. It felt like it was time.

Anyway..I can't wait to see TEEN WOLF. I'm very happy Tyler Posey got the main part in the MTV show that starts June 5. I really think he's getting better and better and hopefully, he's going to knock Taylor Lautner out of the water...with this show. The premise looks cool. I think the actors click.


  1. Don't be so upset about it. I think she's mad at me too..oh well.

    I'm so lov'n Tyler in Teen Wolf!

  2. He's totally beautiful. And I can't wait for the show. I just hope you are OK. I don't think you're crazy.

  3. This looks so promising. Teen wolf. Oh, I hope your weekend, gets better.

  4. YES! I can't wait for June 5th on MTV!