Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Forever

Tonight was the very last episode of Friday Night Lights. It was shown on Direct TV since they have supported the show when other networks and what not wouldn't. They wanted to give the show its final episodes..instead of being cheated by NBC so many times..pulling the to speak..

I have to say my all time favorite character on the show was Tim Riggins played by Taylor Kitsch..a Canadian no less who had to act like a Texas boy. For five years he lived off and on in Texas. And as he said, "This character will stay with me." I think he honed in on his acting skills as well doing this tried and true show about a little thing called football. Yet, the characters were very real. You got to see where they came from. How bad their lives were, and how a coach gave them hope and discipline to be better.

The coach and his wife are the center of the show. And yes, there were those storylines, of girlfriends and boyfriends changing like seasons. Still the show had a lot of heart. Its a show that will be missed. I had no idea I'd love the show this much. But you wanted to watch these characters grow.

Michael B. Jordan as Vince


  1. I really love this show..and I don't even like football.

  2. Yeah, I love how it ended..but poor Landry..what about Landry???

  3. I do miss the show. Already.