Friday, February 11, 2011


Its back. And the start of the transgender Adam and Fiona story. Which was kind of confusing, but this seems to be the state with these sort of 'lesbian' storylines. Like in Skins, Tea usually, had to be on drugs before she could get it on with a girl. Just as Fiona has to drink to be with Adam. Which is ...well, just sad. But maybe it'll work out in the end. Usually, Degrassi is more hype than substance..and yet it can surprise you, sometimes.
 Fiona: She doesn’t get that drinking makes it easier.
Adam: Makes what easier?
Fiona: Being with you.

Like next episode Riley's Mom catches him with his boyfriend. Perhaps, Degrassi feels it has to deliver now with MTV's Skins on its thresholds. So that's something to look forward too. But there is trouble with mainstay Eli & Clare. You can't have happy couples on the show.


Well, I see someone on Sunday. I don't expect much. I won't. I'm just glad we can talk, but not like we used too.

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