Tuesday, February 1, 2011

keeping it cool..actually cold

Do I have the worst colors on my blog or what??

Oh, I should be studying, but I'm not. I did write through a few things. Of course, I never know if I should or shouldn't. It just is. Usually, it just perpetuates another entry..so can't be all bad, right? I have to admit, I almost killed off a character, but then I thought not. I'd like to see where it goes. Although, when you split people up..where do they go? If that's not enough, add someone's brother that I haven't written about in ages. But I got inspired when I saw a certain actor and knew that should be someone's brother. Then there is always a chance of making it a small world. Other connections.

At the moment, so much wind and blowing snow. Argh..brrrr..It feel so cold. Now I sneeze.

the original blokes of SKINS

I caught yet another episode of SKINS last night(MTV). This time CHRIS.

I so loved the original Chris. This one just doesn't have Chris' skill of humor. Yet, he has the same problems with life. Being abandoned by his family. He is a sad sort. I have to admit I am smitten by Stan. He's just in his own little world and thankfully, Tony can't get to it, completely. If only he knew that someone actually had feelings for him. I just don't think Stan can get the concept that anyone would. And the actor can at least convey that.

If that's not enough the shop clerk in this episode looked an awful lot like Mike Bailey who was Skin's original Sid (Stan is the American version) But he was all full of zits and heavier. I hope that wasn't Mike.

Mike Bailey the original SKINS Sid


  1. I really hope Mike Bailey is on something..somewhere.

  2. It's always like that. We all should be studying, but we're not.

    Thanks for the book.

  3. Well, your blog is like wind and snow anyway, it's cool. :D