Thursday, February 3, 2011

the hardest button to button

Its vampire diaries night. I so loved the Caroline and Tyler wolf moment a few episodes ago. Boy, was he panting. He's making a move on her. The wolf boy and a vamp.

But here has to be my favorite crossover fanfic from Prince Albert on Tumblr.

Sam: Am I going to experience drunk Caroline for the first time this evening?
Caroline: Maybe. Drunk Caroline is a lot of fun.
Sam: Well, from what I hear, drunk Sam is pretty fun too.
Caroline: Drunk Caroline is also a little hornier than normal Caroline.
Sam: Noted. Drunk Sam is also pretty allergic to his shirt, just FYI.
Caroline: Oh, really? That’s pretty cool…


  1. OH, yeah..those 2 in across over fan fic.

  2. those werewolves were mean to Caroline last night. At least Tyler helped her escape..but she pretty peeved with him now.