Sunday, January 30, 2011

just can't help myself

What can I say, it makes me happy when I find pictures like this of Nic on Tumblr. Just waiting for another snow storm to come.

I did have some fun teasing him. Today.

We did have fun hanging out. Celebrating our so called Chinese New Years. Trying to guess our fortune "you will slip and fall on ice in the drive way, tonight." or "Stop by the new CVS and get your free Pepsi."

OK, so maybe we wouldn't have been great at the improv. As if we'd go. NOT. But yeah, talking to him has taken my mind off someone else.


  1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too!

    And fortune cookies are awesome, by the way.

    My grandmother is Chinese, so my ounger sisters are learning how to speak Mandarin. I'm quite jealous, though, since I've long forgotten how to speak Mandarin. =.=''

  2. Those were pretty funny fortune cookies.

  3. Sounds like it wasn't a bad weekend.