Saturday, February 5, 2011

oh, Matt

I found a huge picture of Matt Lanter..who will be a new character in my up coming Kyle's brother. I had written about him some time ago..Sam..near the beginning. The perfect brother in college that Kyle kept hinting was gay..but of course, that remains to be seen. As it is..he comes back..and you find what a small world it really is. He's connected to some others in the story and rekindles an unlikely friendship. So ..that's made me happy to write about. I think its the hardest to write about 'friendships'..expeecially, girlfriends...I won't say its a bro-romance...but it might be.

Anyway, I cropped it up differently..and put my so-called logo on it.

really, I think Matt and Logan could pull off brothers, perfectly. Then there is all this internet stuff about Matt being gay. So what. He might get better roles if he played them. As it is..he seems to get KEN DOLL roles. He got a bit part in THE ROOMMATE. It was kind of funny. Actually, I hear in reality..he's an awful nice guy. And he can't help it. I loved him in VAMPIRES SUCK. I would prefer him as to Pattison..actually.

Hummmm..what kind of movie would it be if Robert and Matt were in it together????


  1. I loved him in Vampires Suck, too. He was hilarious.

  2. I love his hair that color..natural. He just doesn't do black that well. & I like black hair on so many guys..especially Kyle Gallner.

  3. Yeah, that has to be a favorite shot ..mine anyway.