Monday, July 28, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #45

I guess my brother got what he wanted that night. At least he didn't come home to Bex's. He stayed out with his friend and all was well.

Of course, it was one long exhausting night. We ran into Simon on the way home. He's such a lonely old boy these days.

"At least you came out." I stayed on the lawn with him while Beast needed his nightly poo and a walkabout. Bex was too tired to complain. I knew she over did it even if she wouldn't admit it.

"What? You, make'n me a puff now?" Simon drew a scowl as if I was no help at all.

"Jesus." I rolled my eyes at that. He wanted pity. "When did I say so? Huh?" I was serious then. Told him all about Gus' mate being..two puffs in a far I was concerned. "You, over Pip?"

"God, no." Simon fumed, hugging himself, pawing his feet into the soil as if was starting to be one of The Beast's mates instead of mine.

"Read'n your mum's porn, I bet?" I festered a small frown as to remind him that I knew what he was doing in his spare time, which was all the time I might add.

"Shut it! Will you!" He hugged himself tight. "You, really think this Pip and Benny are getting it on?"

"Doubt it. Besides, he's only here to see Bex." I shrugged.

Thankfully, the Beast was minding his manners. Except that poo was a bit rank. We went in and I made Simon a brew. We got into the medicine cabinet. I found some cough syrup that might do the trick for both of us. Something to spice up the tea.

"Bex?" There went Simon again all moody. "What's he got going with your Bex?" Naturally, he made the assumption that I needed to interrogate the poor boy. As if that babe in Bex's belly wasn't mine, after all.

"He's her brother." I said barely above a whisper as I was chill'n with my cup of something at the kitchen table while Simon kept stirring his as if he wasn't certain it was a drink.

"Really?" Simon brightened up as if he liked this information very much.

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