Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Emily's travels

Guess who I found in Greece?-Emily's travels

Oh, Juno is truly my bestie...but to find her alone with Gaspard really took a lot out of me, even if the ocean and sights are breathtaking.

I was full of envy.

Of course, she was truly her giggly self, and we went on plenty of hikes and swims and late nights at the disco.

Still, she had Gaspard. Not me.

And then she wanted to break the rules out on the dance floor, one late night. As if I'd go back and have a threesome with them.

It was tempting, but I knew it would be fleeting.

In the end..I went alone, and haven't looked back.


p.s..besides there are plenty of Greek guys around. And most enjoyed my company.