Monday, July 14, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #44

There was a moment. I truly believe we came together, almost like the old gang, but not quite. The night of Gus' boy with his band at the pub.

You see, there was no Simon.

Sure, Bex had the girls to pacify her. Except Liza didn't have Sam (who's still in he slammer btw) and Pip's got Ben.

I could see Bex was a little uneasy, but she danced the slow ones with me and nursed on a juice. I didn't get sloshed. Barely had a lager. I kept putting caffeine in myself. Cause I knew, it would be a long night.

"So what's Bex really to you?" I finally cornered Ben before he could get to the loo. He put a few coins in the fruit machines and had a go at it. Of course, he wasn't lucky.

"Why? Whats it to you?" He squinted as if he'd had enough. If we were anywhere else, he'd slug me.

"You know, what kind of condition she's in? Don't you?" I kept glaring as if I'd get something out of him.

"She looks healthy as a horse, to me." He looked at me blankly.

"What are you saying, me Bex is a cow?" I was so close to hitting him in the gut or right in the kisser. Always, wanted to say it. Just never wanted to do it.

"No." Ben scowled. "There is nothing..nothing going on."

"And how is it with you and Pip, then? Nothing going on there too?" I stared harder.

Ben sighed.

"Look. You're the boyfriend." Ben frowned. "I'm just her brother." He gritted. "I only wanted to meet her in person. It just isn't as easy as it looks. Evidently."

I looked back at Bex having a laughing with Pip and Liza.

How was I gonna fix this? I winced. Should I be encouraging it?

"What about Bex's Mum?" I wondered if she knew. He shook his head and put another coin in the fruit machine.


  1. Maybe its time for Ben to meet Bex's Mom.

  2. Yiesh. I am not even sure if there is anything to be fixed at the moment?