Monday, June 30, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #43

Oh...the delightful arrival of Craig.

Yeah, right. Who knows what to make of him..really.

OK, you know how it is. You try to evaluate the situation before you say anything. You, look at this person and wonder..what is it about him?

And then...

God, they are so giddy for each other. It was written on their faces. Was I the only one who could figure it out?

Me, brother's silly grin. And his fellow just eats up what ever Gus has to say. Not many people can do that, you know.

God, I can hardly stand either of them. But you know, deep down, I feel a little sorry for both of them.

Gotta wonder if Bex's mum has suspected, you know, what those two are really about?

I mean, I'm not against the two being a couple. Its just,...I don't want them here. Of all places. The livingroom?

I almost had a coughing attack at the thought of it. Bex's mum walking in on them front of the tele, creating their own porn.

Yeah, Bex thinks I'm squinting too much about it. I should smile more. After all, we're suppose to give a listen to Craig's band down at the Red Dog.

I so hope Gus and his boy get a room. Tonight. The sooner the better.