Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Tara

Just Tara

Tara felt as if she might not have a melt down after all, nor go into a seizure of laughter as soon as she saw Jones.

Yes, she could keep a secret. But she didn't want too. Mini should know. She didn't speak of it with Maxie, but deep down, she thought she should tell.

Well, she slept on it. By morning, she was certain she didn't know Mini well enough, to tell. It felt like a small bandage to help her manage her feelings.

Actually, she wanted to forget she ever knew Mini or Matty. And still, she knew she would have never met Maxie if it hadn't been for either of them.

While she rolled this over and over in her head while trying to down her cut steel oats with apples, Lorde winced as if she was about to lose it.

"You, all right?" Tara looked up at her as if she was carrying the worst burden ever. She wondered how Lorde and her hubby were. She hadn't seen him all week. Were they broken up, too?

"Yes, of course, its all ..all right." She smiled as if not a thing had changed. She was still making lamb stew for supper. "Its..its just your ..father.."

"What about him?"

"They locked him up last night." She squinted.

"What?" Tara's eyes lit. She really didn't see this one coming. Sure, he'd been down on his luck. Possibly since mum left, but to be in the slammer. "What did he do?"

"He's not that much of a gangster, you know. Seems, they were after him. Can't pay up." She shrugged. "One thing lead to another. And, it looks like murder."

"Murder?" Tara shook her head, no. Her father could hardly squash a bug. She couldn't believe it.

"I'm sure it was self-defense." Lorde smiled ever so lightly as if it would all work its self out. "Its just..we had a long conversation, on the phone..about you." She set down with her coffee, grabbed a biscuit and dipped it in as if she'd need a bit to eat before she went on.

Tara watched, wondering just how much suspense should she be in. Should she be scared for her own life?

"Now, don't you worry that pretty little head of yours. You, are settled here. You, have a home, with us." Lorde told her. Tara expected as much. At least she hoped.

She finished up her breakfast, rinsed out her bowl and put it in the dishwasher properly.

"But he told me something, I did not know, Tara." Lorde's voice carried as Tara watched a bird in the tree by the kitchen window. Still so frigid and yet small signs of spring did exist. Tara turned back to Lorde sweeping the crumbs off the table.

"Luv, he's not your Dad."

Tara froze as if time held a pause, like a breath of cold winter.

"He says you'll have to ask your mum. She's the only one who really knows." Lorde looked at her as if she had no real answers for her.