Monday, January 27, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #22

This reoccurring dream kept coming back to me. Ever so often about Will. Not that it was the romantic sort.

No, we were stuck in the freezer where he worked. Having a row about where everything went wrong. Of course, he kept insisting we were still together.

Naturally, he was his very cold self at school. Not like I was trying to be receptive in any fashion. I ignored him completely. Besides, Geo took me out. And it was sweet. As in popcorn and funny flicks. He worked at the club. His day off was on Thursdays.

We went to the cinema a few times. He was on a budget. Of course, accustom to Mum's massive budget, I could deal.

"But don't, you want something more?" Pip pressed me for details. She wasn't exactly telling me about  her love life with Simon these days. I had to wonder if they were getting bored. There are just so many bushes in the village where one can go. Obviously.

"No, I'm perfectly fine." I shrugged. What did she really want to know? As it was January was frigid. Everyone stayed in these days. So it was great to hold hands at the cinema.

"But he's a French lover. The frenchies always need more than a cuddle." Pip reminded me after school.

"Obviously, we are not on the same page. Perhaps, not even the same book. I just want to get to know..."

"Oh, please, you really can't go on replay. He's going to lose interest." She hugged her books, and didn't even look for that lanky boy toy of hers. "Is it because.. you haven't been down to the surgery or even the free clinic at school?" Pip shot back.

"What does my health have anything to do with it?" I winced hard.

"Look, you've got a wanker for a boyfriend. Just saying." Pip was rather peeved. Naturally, I insisted Will was not by boyfriend."You, really have to think about yourself."

"Right." I nodded. In my head, I'd already been there. A lot like this restless dream about Will. Honestly, I didn't have the nerve to do it.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Pip gave in. "I'll go with you, when you're ready."


  1. It does seem like prying, but, I think he is just looking out for her.

  2. Its good to have support from friends.