Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just Tara

Emmy & Tara #10

Really, Tara would have been just as happy to make do on the couch. Besides, she was waiting to find out on the tele, who's mansion was bigger? Katy Perry or Kidd Rock's.

"Nope...can't have that." Matty found her.

"What?" She looked up at him innocent enough. Christmas felt like non-stop these last few days. She didn't even have time to worry about the wayward phone call from her father. Was he even back at the boarding house or had he left the country?

Her father mentioned that her Mom was somewhere in the country. Maybe she should find her. Of course, it gave Tara an ache in the back of her throat or maybe it was deep in her heart like a terrible pain she'd hoped she was rid of, but evidently wasn't. Thanks to dear old Dad.

"You, are coming with us." Matty broke her train of thought. Next thing she knew she had Maxie helping him get to her feet as her plush blanket dropped to the floor and there went her Jane Austen book to floor, as well.

"For your information, I was reading, you know."

"How?" He didn't believe her. "You, were watching the tube."

"No, I wasn't." She begged to differ as she gave him a sour look. Jonesy and Mini weren't hogging the couch. They were off to a New Year's eve party. Honestly, she'd had enough of those love birds to last her the next couple of years. What was it with those two? She wasn't sure she even wanted to know, but evidently, Mini made him happy. And she was OK with that, but they were here all the time displaying their affection for each other.

"Oh, why a grouch? Its the new year and we could at least go out and raise some hell with everyone else." His hands cris-crossed with hers as if it were just a game.

Now he made her feel like a party pooper.

"If she wants to stay in...then..we should stay in." Suddenly, Maxie was on her side as he put his arm around her.

"But I need a buzz and some fireworks, as well." Matty looked at them disappointed.

Maxie leaned a little more toward Tara, as if she'd have to decide.

"Oh, All right." She gave in. She had to accept the fact, she had two new friends who wanted to be with her. Every moment, evidently.

Things were better. She needed to keep reminding herself as she went to her room to get dressed for whatever. She supposed she'd need to bundle up. It was cold out there. Then again, they always kept her warm when they went out.


  1. I do wonder about those 3???I'm glad she has them both looking out for her.

  2. Tara's lucky to have them in her life.


  3. I think she has to adjust to having people around all of the time, but I don't think that it is a bad thing.