Friday, December 27, 2013

The Henry Chronicles

Just a little first person project I'm working on. Actually, I'm going back and trying to write somebody's story from first person.

The Henry Chronicles #18


I just can’t.

So Josie’s Dad is making her put the baby up for a adoption. Her dad doesn’t want to take responsibility for it because Derrick and Josie are both underage.

I mean, if I were either of them I’d fight it. Some how. But now, its just sad. I’m not sure who is more sad.

Maybe Derrick.

Josie is just, you know, lost. She’s really hurting. But she’s being all quiet and everything. I think she’s just in shock.

GOD..I feel so bad. Here I am acting like an idiot in love. God, how can anyone stand me? I mean, I was really crazy at the library the day I helped Milo out with the bookdrop.

Maybe it was the idea that I could actually work there. Or, the fact I have a real boyfriend now and I just want everyone to find someone. And be happy!

Even Milo. Yes, Milo. He’s handicapped and always so bummed out. I don’t actually know what happened to him. I mean, I’m afraid to ask, but he’s wheelchair bound. And here I go on and on about this chick I’ve never even met that works there with him. Audrey the shelver.

Like they are going to hit it off or something.

Let me tell you, Audrey was high when she got to work. God, she’s so weird. And she has my job. A job I could do so much better than her. And to top it off, it was that Topher dude that Josie was seeing who brought her to work.

God, Josie knows how to pick them, doesn’t she? I hope she’s completely over him because I think more is going on than him just being her friend. Cause, this Audrey REALLY was all over him. She felt him up and kissed him like she might be a professional of some kind.

IT WAS SO GROSS..don’t even get me started. How can guys like that? Serious. Just makes me sick to think it. I hope she never gets that close to me.


OK, I dunno what to do now about Josie. I’d done all this stuff for her too know..being a pregnant teen mom and all..and now..What am I suppose to do? What can I do?

I know..let Derrick take care of it.

I just keep know, hows it going to be? happens and well, we’re a real couple and you know. Will we have our own house some day?

I really want a dog, and if that goes OK, I’d really like it if we adopted our own kid, but since he is gonna have a kid..I dunno..and its put up for adoption...

OK..OK..OK..I’m really getting ahead of myself. I gotta finish high school first.

Its just..we are really really ..getting close know, the REAL DEAL FULL BLOWN..I’ll let you figure out the rest... And I dunno if..if I’m really ready. I think I am. I want to be..but then..I just have to be happy right now. I hope Derrick is happy.

I mean, I just want to kiss. A lot. Its really amazing and dreamy... And thats enough. It should be enough.

I guess.