Monday, October 7, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #6

It might have been an out right party of The Originals if Simon and Will were here. Pip was on one side of me and Liza on the other. We were in bed drinking tea after a girls night out at the club.

Surprisingly, Simon let Pippa go and Liza was up for some dancing. Now our feet hurt, we were too tired to sleep.

"What ever happened with you and Will?" Pippa already told me long ago Will should have gone to the priesthood by now.

"Well, he's still mad, even if he says he's isn't." This was not the time to dwell on it. Not get caught up in all his drama. Still, he'd brought up memories of Geo that made me blue for the rest of the week. Maybe I was the one sick, after all.

"He's just a boy." Liza shook her head about Will.

"Well, he's furious with you." I looked at her, all witchy with her eyeliner running. "You and Gus. He told me where he found you."

Liza almost let a grin slip.

"Gus is not that bad." She finally sighed.

"What? In bed?" I must have eyeballed her again while nursing my tea.

"Gus saved me after some rock and rollers took over the pub. It was just sleep." She shrugged as if her watch dog just might be a real sweetheart.

"You, should tell Will." I winced.

"No, I will not. Let the fool think what ever wants." She was looking at the blister on her big toe.

I squinted with a frown. It really did look ugly. Thankfully, I'd worn my Chuck Taylors and had danced with no one but myself on the sidelines.

"I guess you'll have a row over this with Will," Pippa said. "Going out with us?"

"I don't think so." I shook my head. Instantly, I thought of Magz where he worked. She really was in love with him. I just knew. She was younger than us. And probably the perfect girl for him. Yes, she would be devoted and always true to him. No Frenchman would get in her knickers.

"I dunno what it is about The Originals and Will." Suddenly, I felt so random, but was it just because I managed to kiss him when I was six and he wanted it to be just another first. "You, don't think he's superstitious, do you?"

"No, he's only mental." Liza nudged. "For you."

"Yeah. I dunno." I hugged my knees, wanting to think Will was the one, but Geo was clearly on my mind.

Why Geo? He hardly spoke English, but his eyes were pretty and he was so earthy. I couldn't possibly be in love with him.

I would never see him again. Never. Yet, I remembered his dark stubble. He was so sexy, but not quite as tall as Will. Yet, he'd made a wreath of wild flower and put them in my hair, on our little walk on a late afternoon. He was full of smiles. It was so infectious. Yes, there was this chemistry between us. And I hadn't felt it with anyone since then. I wanted that with Will. I did.

"Will, wants to show me what a real boyfriend is." Sounded as if it were going to take a special class or two.

"When's that happening?" Pip wanted to know.

"Who knows. He can be so mysterious." I felt quite sad about it actually. I was the one lost at sea and he was reeling me in, but so far I had not come to shore. Evidently.


  1. I want more Will.

  2. Lots to be resolved yet! I think that it is cute that they are all drinking tea in bed!

  3. Love the colors in the set. Such a great representation of the characters.

  4. I wish my friends had drunk tea after a night of dancing, that might have made the next day a bit easier