Friday, October 4, 2013

1D on the darkside

OK..its that time of year. Scary stories. Well, how about scary stories and fan fiction?

1D on the darkside #1

I hate crowds.

"Well, why in the world did you ever want to go to a ONE DIRECTION concert?" Hattie was more than perturbed that I was dragging my pointy cowboots now. Yes, I might as well be kicking and screaming.

Naturally, Hattie was the brave one. She didn't let go of my hand. Girls were screaming like banjies.  It was freaking me out as the gates opened and the masses moved forward like fierce torpedoes.

There were all kinds trying to make their way into the entrance. Even women who were old..old enough to be my grandma.


So about an hour later we were in the thick of it. We should have been in our seats by now. It was supposed to so normal. But it wasn't. No, I was freaking even more and Hattie was stretching her tiny neck to look up and over everyone, but it didn't do much good.

"I bet we're bottled necked." I found myself saying.

"What are you talking about, Cassidy?" She winced as if that was not on her vocabulary test, and it was not a word she liked.

I sighed. "I don't know. I feel choked or something." I winced hard as if this couldn't be possible. For starters I need to go to the bathroom. Maybe even number 2. What if I farted? Of all times to feel like the natural turd that should have stayed home and tumbled on tumblr. Then letting my imagine set in, thinking that we all might be zombies with all this waiting.

I was in a sweat. My eyeliner was probably dripping bad. What if I threw up?

"I'm thinking of having a panic attack." I couldn't quite shake the thought even if I kept dreaming Harry would find me and give me a backstage pass. If only. But that was not going to happen.

Just then my cell buzzed.

It was a text from Ollie.

"You in yet?"

I texted back NO. As if he'd want to know. He wanted us to see the Black Veils. That was his kind of music. I couldn't say we were really going out, but I listened to him try to play their music on his grandpa's old guitar, sometimes, when he had time for me.

Actually, he sucked, but I'd never tell him. This was as close as he'd be living the dream. And this was my dream. Seeing ONE DIRECTION.

Before I could put my phone away, it was like the flood gates openned. Maybe the final gate. Evidently.

People were pushing and screaming. It was like an explosion of some kind and I lost myself. The phone too. I couldn't keep up in the mosh of it all. Suddenly, I was sucked under. Kind of like the undertow as the wave of people came whishing over head.

Yeap, it was panic attack. And I'd lost my best friend Hattie.

When I awoke, it was pitch black. I blinked. Total darkness. Nothing was changing there. I sucked in a breath, but then I realized it didn't do much good. I couldn't move. I couldn't even feel my heartbeat.

OH MY GOD. I could only think it because my mouth wasn't moving.

And then I saw a familiar face. Who was that guy?

He was staring down at me. Still I felt a thousand miles away. There was no communication, but he touched my forehead. I noticed him licking his forefinger after he'd touched my neck.

"Sorry, about this kid." He sort of shrugged as he exposed the inside of my bare wrist.

When his teeth hit my vein it was like everything came alive. So vibrant. My hearing was acute. I could listen to everyone's heartbeat, and I could see so much better now.

I was actually back stage. But the concert was over. It was just

"What's your name again?" Honestly, I'd never noticed he was one of them. Until now.

"Its Louis." His stare was so dead. "You, can thank me tomorrow."