Monday, September 9, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #2

For a moment there, I thought a guppy was nibbling at my chin.

I wanted to push him off or say something like, "You're so weird. " But we were suppose to be getting weird, weren't we?

Finally, I let out a sigh. Yes, somehow we got from the quilt to inside of the tent. Actually, I fell on him once and he almost hurt his knee, but somehow he seemed determined we'd get this done. One way or another.

"Its not a race." I finally admitted as he was laying there on the sleeping bag with his heart pounding like he might have finished before we ever started. "We haven't even undressed yet." And it wasn't completely dark. Besides, didn't we need to tend to that campfire? But even as I looked back at it, the flames were content licking logs as embers pulsed slowly. "Maybe we could just watch the fired for awhile."

"Can't." He looked a little sad about the matter. "I might fall asleep."

"You seem rather awake at the moment." At least one thing was waiting to join us, and it was still in his pants.

He rose up on his elbows as if this was not at all as he planned.

"You brought wrappers, didn't you?" I guess this was as good a time as any to bring it up.

They were in his wallet. A whole string of them.

"What? Had a marathon in mind, did you now?" I  pulled apart one of the little foiled packages.

"It is not as simple as you think." He didn't look at me when he told me. "They tend to fly all over the place."

"So you've practiced?"

"Not really. Maybe the one I tried was a defect. Then Magnus' cat hair got all over it. By then, I gave up." Sounded dreadful. I wondered if Magnus had watched. Magnus was a long haired mane coon. He was a mutt of a cat who usually drank his mum's cheap wine.

"Well, do you still want too?" I'd give it shot. What were friends for? Oh, we were lovers now. Almost.  "A shag?"

He hesitated, but something definitely was a taker. Did I dare see if this package of his was a bit much or just a pest?

We didn't bump noses this time.

When I kissed with tongue, my hands surprisingly found the map of him in the darkness, we could do this. What was once keeping me on edge was suddenly a bit more natural now. It was going to be OK. Each kiss said so. Which meant the peeling of clothes, a little laughter in the dark. It didn't feel so clinical, after all. Being on top was not a problem.

"It was really good for me," Will said about 15 minutes later after a few breathless moments and some noises and cries that I would have shut my eyes, anyhow even in the dark. A private moment fading fast. "How was it for you?"

"Just brilliant.' I thought I mumbled, but I think he was asleep even as we cuddled.