Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Its Wednesday


I came across this book while at the grocery store. So I had to pick it up thinking it was a graphic novel. No just a tween novel for girls. Well, of course, I bought wondering if I could ever write for girls between 8 and 12.  The first in the series is Lauren's Beach Crush.

The thing is writing romance stories for tweens really a good thing? Although, from reviews, it says these are stories with consequence. Anyway, I had to get the first in the series to see how they were written.

The room has eyes

They weren't a talkative bunch until some time after Midnight. And then, they were full of information. Telling secrets of who were really siblings on ABCF's TWISTED. They even knew who A was on Pretty Little Liars.

They'd decided they would cut up her wardrobe. Would that girl ever learn? HELLO KITTY tee shirts and Chuck Taylors do not go with everything. 

But it was HARRY who had to go. No more Harry Styles posters were to be plastered on HER wall. It was the start of a revolution. 

Someone needed to remember THE DOLLS.


  1. I think tweens are pretty naturally into crushes - but I think it just has to be some reasonable a chaste kiss.