Wednesday, May 22, 2013

wee bits

I hate to complain, but work has been hell this week. Ugh..we had a meeting. It like everyone has some way of doing something..but not exactly all the same. So I feel I have so many bosses..and just why can't I get it done quick enough?

It’s only gonna take a little time before we start to lose our minds.
AWOLnation - Wake Up 

So I'm trying not to over react. But still.. I dunno. It does get to me..I'm afraid. What gets how they want you to work this time, but not that time and then its like they get mad at you, when you have to take time off. Of course, its not exactly when you wanted time off. I have a feeling most have this to deal with, where ever you work.

So I'm not exactly in the holiday mood. But we will be grilling. However, we will not be boozing up like at Cinco De Mayo. Although, what did my dad go out and Margarita mixers. "You have to try have too.."

This is not a good thing with my brother and his significant other, who seem to be pushing back the wedding..again and again..

Oh..I've heard rumor from one co-worker that I'll never get married..and if I do, chances are it wouldn't last. 2 months tops.


Lets hope June will be better. Where has spring gone???



  1. That's mean of your co-worker! I think that any marriage can survive and thrive as long as you don't jump into a relationship blindly, and you truly care for the other person and vice versa. :)

  2. wow, love it!

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  3. Sorry work is so crazy, it is the same here too :( I am hoping for a better June for you!