Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wee bits

A very hot wind has blown in from the south and its been record breaking! It was snowing here 2 weeks ago. We finally turned on the A/C. Naturally, I have been wanting to take cat naps with my cat. And I have. I shall call them power naps.

As if this would ever happen. I wish.

I've been cleaning out closets and trying to get rid of somebody's old sneakers that are awful, but he wouldn't give them up. So I took them to recycle. Sometimes, you gotta do..what you gotta do. Or you'll never get rid of anything. He still wants to keep the T-shirt sheets on the bed. I don't think so. Maybe I'm spring cleaning more than I know.

Helena is scary but she just might be our anti-hero!

We are Orphan Black fans. Can't get enough of that show on BBCA. It was exciting to find out that this Canadian show has made it to BBC in England.

How could they? We know which one Rynn would have preferred, but the bad guys shot him so she saved the white guy.
Tiio Horn as Rynn. - Defianceworld
Irisa is one dynamo on the show! OH..If Irisa and Tommy have babies will they be dark black with yellow eyes and flaming orange hair?-Jordy


Defiance is really getting good on SyFy. Jesse Rath's Alak has a radio station (Kind of Northern Exposure!) I'm glad Alien Rynn (Tiio Horn, by far my favorite guest on the show. I hope they keep her on the show. I love her passionate voice and of course, her swagger.) escaped and took one of the Ambassador's husbands with her. I thought it was interesting on the show where 'group' marriage is legal. Unfortunately, in the story, during a steampunk robbery on a coach, one of the husbands was killed. The last episode Rynn had unleashed some strange insects on some guys to get revenge for her parents' death. I wasn't sure if I'd like this show, but its starting to have more bite and lots of strong female characters in this Futuristic drama.

And I'm addicted to Borgia on NetFlix! Mark Ryder is so Glenn Quinn! & much more than just eye-candy. I love some of the lines he delivers.

Sorry I'm not the most romantic writer. I do want Marco to be complex...and yes, unpredictable. I suppose there might be a little bit of a couple of people I know in his character too. Possibly, I just haven't met the right guy yet.