Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wee Bits

It was that kind of day!

I came home from work with such an awful headache, so I went straight to bed..and it still hurt..until something made me cry. I don't even know what it was that made me cry. But I actually said, Wow. Maybe I said it in a dream.

I have very strange dreams when I sleep during the day. I don't sleep during the day very often. If I remember correctly, I never liked naps as a kid, and once I started a revolt at the day care..during nap time..but that's another story.

I felt like I was in Norman Bates' House.

Anyway, in my dream, I was in a car, and saw that my friend was in a different car and was wearing a helmet. Immediately, I had to chase after him because I thought he was going to go car racing..and of course, I lost him out on a dark country road. Then the dream got muddled after that. I was driving in reverse, finally went down some out and was running..running. So much running. But I found a house and went inside and it was kind freaky. Yet I found this kind of den livingroom hat felt like it was outside because I could hear a bird singing, and I laid on this old couch and went to sleep.

Leave it to me, dreaming about sleeping.

From Forever Unique

Easter was nice. We didn't do too much. We took a walk, planted some beets. Of course, there was brunch and that was very nice. We went in at 10:30 and didn't leave until 12:30. We weren't eating the whole time. We drank lots of iced tea and people watched and talked.

Old Navy

A lot of women were in their Maxi dresses. Being in the midwest, we are a conservative bunch. I'm sure our trends are so last year, or what was popular last year is popular again this year. And the festivals we did go to the past year, Maxi dresses were very popular. Although, I don't feel that comfortable in one. If I have one, I have to cut off a foot of it, practically then hem it. So I'm a little apprehensive.

In other news..well...he donates books. This guy. Everyone seems to think he's like this old friend of mine. But he's not. I don't even really know how old he is. He does take care of his mother and its like he can't wait to get away from her. He's kind of a flirt. He kind of touchy. But I feel... for that one little moment of cheering each other up ..he might make my day as much as I make his day. So. I know its not gonna go anywhere, but after he leaves, you'd think we made out something the was all my co-workers act.

But not everything ends well. Sally can now control fire, which scares her. Kenny is still turning in the basement and he doesn’t look good at all. And Liam shows up at the cabin where Nora and Josh are honeymooning.

Josh and Nora got married! Yeah!
Doesn't he look like he's ready for a period piece?

One more episode of Being Human. At least Sally outwitted the old witch..sort of. I'm afraid Kenny is no longer Kenny, but that's next week's story. Orphan Black was pretty cool. Now I have watch Spies in Warsaw tonight with David Tennant on BBCA.

I had no idea how Felix would steal the show on Orphan Black!

Nor how sexy the show would be.

Just a little snow as of late. Its feeling warmer everyday.


  1. Aw, man! I wanted to catch Orphan Black but missed it!

  2. I was never that into maxi's either. but i found one that I liked, I don't wear it that often, but it is super good for sun protection if I'm out all day and don't want burnt legs!

  3. That dress from Forever Unique is exquisite. I hope that you're feeling better! :)