Wednesday, March 27, 2013

wee bits

Loved this so much more than I thought I would. Confetti 02-Lonesome Dove.
I swear its one of those weeks I could gain 20 pounds with so many sweets at work! Someone is we celebrate with pie. And when I say I don't want any ..I get this Why? Why Not? Argh!!!
SyFy's Being Human has me worried once again. Oh, Kenny..I just hope Aidan hasn't made him into a monster. Connor Price plays Bubble Boy Kenny who has never had a chance to have a normal life. So Kenny finally got Aidan talked into making him a vamp. Unfortunately, things have not been quite right for the vampires around town since the flu virus. Although, Aidan out witted it by drinking werewolf blood(twice)..but does this mean he's turning vamps into ofts now. Aidan has been doing a lot sleepwalking lately, and those monsters are out to get him now. On the UK version Craig Roberts(from Submarine) was the teenage vampire. And I adored his character. Just not sure what Syfy has in store for Connor Price, who can come off quite the sweet guy.
snow cold. spring is just not working yet. maybe next week!


  1. Haha! I totally hear you on the sweets at work thing. It's like taboo to refuse a piece of cake, pie... :P

  2. Brr..still chilly here. Love that nail color.

  3. It feels like spring today. Happy Easter!!