Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wee bit of Ellie

Watching: Downton Abbey repeats. Getting ready for the Third season. Can't hardly wait!

There is just something Devon Sawa about Benjamin in the book.

Reading: Its Not a Feeling by Dan Josephson. Its an odd tale told in a very odd way. Mostly, in 3rd person, but then out of nowhere comes 1st person and I'm not really expecting it. Its about a boy, Benjamin with suicidal tendencies that's shipped off to Upstate New York who meets kids with his sort of problems, maybe some worse, some not, but the alternative doesn't look very promising, either. I feel really bad for him, in spite of all the quirkiness.

Somehow you feel Benjamin has paid the price, a lot like Sawa, too.

Drinking: Plenty of water, coffee and hot tea. Even iced tea. Usually, its sugarless.
Listening: I have my Freelance Whales Diluvia, that came out this fall. If you love their last CD then you'll want this one too. Its sublime!

Loving: Silly, I know, but the Loreal #580 gold nail polish goes on smooth and nice and shiny. Honestly, I didn't think I'd like GOLD in a nail polish. Counting down to Christmas. I did get to go out with friends this weekend. Very relaxed and casual.

RANT: I don't want to be a baby about this. I shouldn't even write about it. There are worse gifts, but I still can't believe what I got from my Secret Santa at work. A book on knitting. I don't even knit. Believe me, I couldn't even attempt these stitches if I even tried. I crochet. And I'm not very good following a pattern, anyway.

The point is...its like no one even wants to know me, or they want me to be the person they want to know. Like I'm suppose to love Taylor Swift and everything country.

Anyway, I know..I know..give them a thank you and move on. 

But then when Lars tells me, "Man, I was going to get you 50 Shades of Grey.." After all the times, I told him I didn't even like it! This is the guy who got me a timer instead of a watch for Christmas.
Sure, there are plenty things I'm thankful for and Christmas shouldn't be about GIFTS, yet it is. And I feel at best when I'm giving. And it was a good feeling today when the person at work got my gift. They were happy to have it. I got her perfume and a gold nail polish and an owl necklace.

And this has been such a sad week for so many people. Especially after what happened in Newtown. Its just heartbreaking and worrisome. Hopefully, there are lots out there doing good things, showing that the world isn't all bad. And now I feel even worse to bring up the present I didn't like.

I did see someone that I kind of base my character "Derrick" on. Honestly, he's a really talented guy and he's nothing like my character in ELLIE. He played a harmonica solo at the Christmas concert. He taught himself to play. In reality, he looks a whole lot more like Mark L. Young (his hair is as long as his, and always in his face) than Shane Coffey.

Winter Storm Draco is hitting hard soon!

Last week, I talked with this guy who brought his boys in to the library. They were so excited. Wanting me to find all these books from Pokemon to chapter books for them. After they went off to look for books, I said. "What did you read when you were young?" I was impressed that he had two boys who loved to read. Usually, its hard to get six and eight year old boys into reading.

"We didn't have any books." He told me about growing up in a third world country. He told me he'd never finished a book. I felt sad for him, yet I knew he was proud his boys were getting an opportunity to an education here.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love reading these bits and pieces! I'm sorry you're feeling a little disrespected with the gifts :( that's not fair. Great photo though, and I hope you have an extremely Merry Christmas!

  2. i always like newspaper wrapping :)

  3. I LOVE that gold polish - gorgeous! :)

  4. Completely, the way I feel about Draco at the moment!

  5. I am loving that gold! Wow, the holidays are practically here!