Friday, December 21, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

"What?" Was I talking too loud? Why couldn't mom find her own books? She was calling my cell, again.

"Ask the librarian for smut books," she said.

I blinked. My mom just said that? I looked around the library, wondering if anyone was listening. After all, the blizzard was over, but anyone who had any sense wouldn't be here. I was after all practically in my pajamas and Uggs. It was a snow day which meant a lot of Christmas cleaning at home. Thanks to Mom. Finally, I had some time to myself, and here she was wanting me to check out books for her. Was she for real?

I'd been looking at Christmas books and Christmas music. It was me and the library. Except for two little kids who's mother dropped them off.

"Do I have to?" I finally sighed. Me, only sixteen ask a library clerk about smut.

"I need a book to read," mom insisted.

"All right." She wasn't taking NO for an answer.

I looked around and walked up to the spacious counter, and blew a breath. "Do you have smut books." I asked quickly. After all, I was lugging my PRETTY LITTLE LIAR books and some Christmas Tune classics.

"What?" The young woman with stringy long hair looked stunned.

"Well, that's what my mom calls them." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, you mean...erotica? Like E.L. James' Fifty shades..."

"Yeah, she's..she's read that..but she wants it to be ..about African Americans." I pressed my lips tight. After all, we were African Americans.

So the clerk went typing away. I felt so bad about this. Even if I found the books I'd be mortified if..if I had to check them out on my library card.

She mentioned some names like Lovely and Divine. So she slid the piece of paper toward me, when suddenly out of nowhere I get jabbed in the ribs from behind with "Whatcha doing?" I turned to a big fat grin looking down at me.

"uh..umm.." I grinned back. It was Drake from school, towering over me with his dirty blond mop swished over his eyes to the side of his face.

Instantly, I felt a connection. But maybe..maybe it was just me. What if he were bored, on this snow day?

My cell rang.

"I didn't know you had your own cell phone." He slid his out of his back pocket. His wasn't any better than mine. They were sliders with keyboards.

Of course, my mother interrupted asking about a report on her smut books.

"I don't think they have any." I found myself staring at Drake who kept smiling.

"Did you even ask?"

"Yes, I did." But I kept grinning. I clicked off the phone.

"Lets exchange numbers." He pushed his phone forward so I pressed mine in. Before I knew it he was calling my number.

"I had to make sure it worked, you know." He sly grin was infectious.

"Its working." I couldn't stop laughing. Were we suppose to talk on the phone right in front of each other?

"Well, go look for those books."

I didn't want too, but I clicked off and walked toward the fiction. Just then the young clerk went out to the fiction to help me.

"That one author I mentioned is actually young adult. I mean, its..its not erotica." She told me as we walked. "But maybe..maybe you'd like to check it out."

"My mother would never let me read those books." I winced hard, thinking I'd never want to read those books, either.

My phone jingled a text. It was from Drake.

"Meet me in Science fiction."

It was only a few shelves away.

"Thanks, anyway," I said to the clerk. Of course, Drake met me before I could even meet him there.

He took my books to carry.

"You really need to read THE HOBBIT." He informed me.

"Why would I read THE HOBBIT?" I couldn't stop laughing around his lanky body which seem to hoover around me.

"Because." His bright eyes were serious. "I want to take you to take you to see it. My family's going this Saturday."

"Me?" He did like me. Sure we saw each other everyday. And he was with his friends. I was with my friends. We sort of chatted at lunch, but never did anything alone.

"Why not, its Christmas break, and its a very long movie." He made a face as if he couldn't dare be alone with his parents.

I cracked up. Of course, I'd be saving him from something. Just my luck. But maybe he was saving me from something at the moment, too.

He took the slip of paper from me. We were on our way to find my mother's books. He pulled one out with some title about 'heaven'.

"I'm not sure if this will be smutty enough." He grinned. There was a picture of two people getting married.

"It will just have to do." I told him. After all, she should find her own books.