Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wee Bit of Wednesday was cold then it was hot. Kind of like. I guess. I mean, just when I think I might be in hot water..I'm not..and then I am.

I got this old guy to put a good word in for me for some job..out there. Except, well, getting a good word from him kind of means, bad idea. I mean, I didn't ask for him, to. I didn't even know about this job.

That friend kind of reminded a lot of Taco from The League.

I used to be friends with  his son. We still e-mail occasionally, but not much. I mean, I know him pretty darn well. Like when he's drunk and who he's dated. Honestly, I really know way too much the point I'd never date him. I'm still kind of baffled about this new information from his Dad that well, I have enough to deal with already.

And I know on one hand..I should move forward. Yet, I'm working. Having to deal with crazy people all the time.

Seriously, this guy who came in to day talked to himself like that kid on THE MIDDLE. He would say to himself. "Am I too loud?"  I know what you are thinking, go for that job that somebody's Dad told you about.

I got to see my cousin. I went to her wedding last year. Now she's getting a divorce. We've had to guess about it, because she won't exactly talk about it. Its just, I'm kind of perturbed with the fact that she has my great-grandmother's wedding ring and she's going to sell it.

I understand she doesn't have any money right now..but this is my great-grandmother's ring. She came from some war torn country and met my French Canadian Great- Grandfather who only spoke French Canadian. I like to think it was really romantic back then, but what do I know. Anyway, my cousin was my Great-Grandmother's favorite. I really didn't know her. I did at least get to have one of her hand knitted sweaters.

So I'm kind of upset with her. I'm trying not to be.

Also, Lars and I have stopped drinking. Not like we went off the deep end and went bar hopping or anything. Yes, Lars likes beer. When he's with his friends he'll even drink Grateful Deads..or maybe that's me..

I know he's concerned that he could become his Dad. Actually, his mom. His Mom has possibly messed up a lot of his family life from drinking. And he's really trying hard. I think he's doing great. Its just now we have have to work on my Dad, who comes from a long line of..well..French Canadian beer drinkers. I guess.

This is still my favorite kind of hat to crochet. I have to keep making them, or I'll forget the pattern.


  1. Intersting little tid-bits! I am loving the hat as well.

  2. Sometimes you just don't want to see cousins too often nor really want to know them, that well.

  3. Such a pretty hat. Oh, I do hope you and your cousin have some fun.