Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

Time to get your orange on! I did find some lovely MEGALAST October colors to Venomous Vixen, Root of all Evil and Deadly Dose! This is just good old shiny orange from X-treme wear.

Oh..its a chill now. October is really here. And time to start thinking about the holidays. I guess. I've been fooling around with bits and left overs of yarns for crochet rosettes.

I did get off to a craft show. Except it was more venders for purses than anything. I did meet a designer who was selling fabrics. She goes to New York City to find her fabrics. She was so interesting to talk too. She said she'd been sewing since she was a little girl.

Never better sweater time. Also.. He's coming to town in November!

I had like a fierce dream about Zombies. I got away with some other humans on a very slow train. We were somewhere like a train station and I swear one was Snookie, and she could still talk. I was trying to tell them this, but they killed her anyway. Then once I got to the campus..aka school, where other survivors were I met Cameron (Wyatt that the most amazing name or what?) from Hollywood Heights and he stole my keys to everything important to me. I chased him down a long hallways into the basement steps (I think we were at the TeenWolf high school)..then I got lost and was stuck with him to help me get through the zombie ordeal. I was pretty skeptical about him, but he was nice to look at. 


  1. Cute boy alert! And I am so loving those nail colors - gorgey for fall!! :)

  2. Cute!!

    I painted my nails orange for the wedding and I love it!

  3. Loving your nail colors! They're so pretty and perfect for fall!