Monday, October 8, 2012

My Movie Monday

Friendships that last a life time!

He was such a wild card on the show. A mover and a shaker. If only Chloe had paid attention to him more.

Inspired by James Franco's character, movie producer Osbourne Silver on Hollywood Heights. Oh, he had plans for the remake of Grease for Eddie Duran, but it was difficult for him to get Eddie to make the movie. And just when all the pieces of the puzzles were there to get Eddie to do it, by hiring his soon to be ex and her old flame..Osbourne was whisked off to jail for some money problem.

While he was there, it finally hit him.... Forget Eddie Duran. Go for Tyler Rorke! He made him an offer Tyler couldn't refuse. He left Chloe finally to be in Silver's MEN IN PRISON.

Add L.A. Complex's Kaldrick King to the mix..and this hard core rapper just might come out of the closet! (OK, I guess he did at the end of the finale..but this would just make it bigger and better).

INSPIRATION: Make a movie about TV characters.

Perhaps the true colors of 50 Shades of Grey!


  1. i like he is soo cute!

  2. James Franco's smile makes me swoon. The end.

  3.'ve definitely twisted come up with a movie inspired by characters from Hollywood Heights..and L.A. Complex.