Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

Storms came through last Thursday and left a lot of power outages. Even the library closed. And that never happens. Winds got up to 70 miles an hour. Our street was a mess. Oddly, the tree across the street has done damage the second time in the past two months. This time it got the neighbor's roof. Friday was a big clean up day.

The college world series is here. That seems to mean summer storms and random drive-bys.

 I found out from my brother that he walked all the way home from the OLD MARKET. He got lost in the crowd from his best friend. His phone was dead. "Pay phone no longer exist, obviously," he said about the Saturday night situation. He lives a good five miles away. He walked home at midnight. Just when I think he doesn't do things like this anymore. Once he slept in his car since he couldn't figure out which state he was in. He is not so great with a sense of direction.

Neither is my Dad. We got lost after we left our Father's Day lunch. But we finally managed to find our way home.

We found our old housing area. Of course, the houses didn't look quite this nice when we lived there.

Good food on Father's Day. And Mom nor Dad or any of the rest of us, didn't have to cook.

Tasty pizza too!

“Is it because I said I love you? Because I don’t love you. That wasn’t love you, love you- that was like middle of sex.. you know love you. Listen, honest; I don’t love you. Okay, no listen- I PROMISE I DON’T LOVE YOU. Karen, I don’t love you!”
—     - Lip Gallagher Shameless U.S.

I watched a marathon of SHAMELESS on Showtime. Why do I even watch it? Its so depressing. But I evidently love to see what Jeremy Allen White will do as Lip. My favorite character on the show. I feel sure I'll be inspired by him to write a character with him in mind.

So SAD that Dani Shay was let go on THE GLEE PROJECT. I so wanted her to be on Glee. She honestly has an amazing voice. And naturally, cool.


  1. We used to have a giant cotton wood tree next to our house. IT was always threatening to come down during storms. I liked the fact we had a large tree in the yard.

    The first thing the new home owners did when we sold the house was remove the tree. I guess they didn't believe in their good fortune as much as I did ours.

  2. Our, big tree is still standing strong in the front yard. Thankfully. We love that thing.

  3. Oh my gosh, that sucks about the horrible weather! Hope it all calms down soon.

    And that's a hilarious story about your brother not knowing what state he was in- he sounds exactly like my brother!

  4. Jeremy is adorbs; and I LOVE your old housing area! :)

  5. What a sweet Father's day. Yes, I wish Dani was still on THE GLEE PROJECT. They should ask her back.

  6. I love her voice,but I could see why they made her leave :)