Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was reading Crystal's thoughts of being home. Of course, she's someone I would love to be. She's pretty much prefection when it comes to blogging. She's a traveler, a photographer. Lives in a foreign country. I'm sure she knows how fortunate she is.

But some of us aren't quite like that for various reasons. Perhaps it has to do with the economy or not. Maybe we are just programed different. Or it might be an epiphany one is waiting to have. Usually, those sort of mental orgasm are suppose to make you happy and fall back in to sublime. But not always. No, sometimes it feels like being washed up on a muddy beach. And you are torn about what you have and what the future holds.

Yet somehow, you keep going, and find solitude in a beautiful sunset or how a wall cloud forms before the hail comes in and the wind knocks down the tree that was alive instead of the dead one.

"There is a certain limbo. We miss home, but when we do go evolves too. Those wonderful landscapes change too. Thanks to progress I suppose. Of course, you start to miss your bed and those new details in your life while you are there listening to family wanting you to be a captivated audience. Sometimes, its just a sad feeling..where ever you are.

Home changes in our mind, and yet its a comfort daydream that makes a wonderful memory too." Ellie


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! They make me feel dreamy...

    With love, Kirsten

  2. It's a strange thing living abroad and home. For me they're both home.