Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wee bit Wednesday

Well..its an awful lot quieter at Caleb's, since all his roomies moved out. Just him and the girlfriend. Not even a cat. They are much happier now. While here, my cat almost got outside. Lars was so sure, he was gone, but he was tucked under the futon. Sometimes, I wonder if Lars doesn't like my cat.

The weather has been warm and windy. Dad shaved his beard. He looks younger, but just not like the real him, that I know.

I've been swept up with Being Human. I can't say which version I like better. But some pretty awesome episodes this past week. Tom and Hal on the BBC version are just so funny, yet seriously good acting. And Josh and Aidan on the SyFy one is just getting better and better with so much wit and drama, but I love Sally's storyline with Scott the Reaper is so unique, too.

Shane Coffey as cover band rockstar Ethan on I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK was great too. Lots of fun in that episode with Lynsey Shaw. Once again, Peter Veck  as Jason is vulnerable and unsure but goes on happily with everything, even if he can't find the right birthday gift for the girl he likes.

Work has been better. I think. Just when I think it is..well, I might be wrong. St. Patrick's day was...what can I my brother said, they didn't throw him in jail. I had no idea that he and his friend went to this bar one time and his friend punched someone. That happened, a long time ago. When his best friend has too much to drink he really is violent.

Usually, though...he's off at the dog park with his dog.

We planted peas on St. Paddy's day. Dad says you're supposed to ..and he always does. I just didn't know until this year.

Oh..I did have a rare and unusual baby moment this past week. I was at the counter, shielding a toddler from going over. He grabs my fingers and try to put them in his mouth. I have to confess, his little fingers made me all warm with happiness. And that has never happened. What does this mean?

Many of my friends are on their second babies. Well, not all of them. A couple.

Before I forget..which I would have mentioned last week, but I had all those questions to answer. I did get to see RENEE the indie film at the film festival. Honestly, if it hadn't been for Kat Dennings..I don't think I would have liked anything about the movie. There were some cool effects. Still, I wished we would have known more about her character. It was based on someone's life. I think if it would have been better if it were pure fiction. It might have been better. But, I'm happy I got the opportunity to see it.


  1. Love the cat pic!

    Cool about Being Human.

  2. love that little bed nook! is it yours? glad you found your cat :)

  3. I love the cat picture.

  4. Oh, I wish I had a bedroom nook like that! If only.