Monday, March 19, 2012


Story: Jonathon Fink (Damien Malony) has never been in love until he met the wonderful new co-worker Gemma (Clare Foy). However, his old boss (Maggie Smith) who needs to retire, just won't let him have a minute alone with Gemma. Of course, his roomie, Rhys (Max Irons) keeps telling him it would never work. Co-workers in love. It might end his career at the real estate place. Of course, Gilly, might have plans for Jonathon that he hasn't an inkling about. And what really makes Gemma tick? Jonathon knows there is more than meets the eye with Gemma, but what? All the while, its the old boss who has them all a puppet on a string.

Gemma's had a shelter life, thanks to her Great Aunt Hilda (Maggie Smith) who gives her a job as a secretary. Its there she meets the charming and shy Jonathon, who might want to spend the rest of his life with her.
Nothing is going to change Rhys' world with Jonathon. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his mate from Gemma.


  1. I adore Damien as Hal on Being Human.

  2. Oh, Damien. Looks good. Max Irons is a YES, for me.

  3. I would definitely watch this trio in a movie, especially with Maggie Smith.

  4. that Clare character is stunning! and I'm definitely a Maggie Smith fan :)