Friday, February 17, 2012

Ben and Molly

"He's having problems, Mom." Molly looked over her shoulder. Ben was being good on the couch playing with her fluffy orange tabby Tybalt. Although, the cat thought it was a fight and he was winning, clawing and biting at Ben's hand as he gave Tybalt a tummy rub. "At home."

"Oh? Like what?" She wanted to know as she was putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

"His family. You know, problems. They don't understand him. He doesn't..He doesn't like his major." Molly couldn't think of anything else to say about the matter.

"What's he gonna do?" She stared at him.

"I said he could stay, until he found something." Molly shrugged. "With me. It wouldn't be forever, or anything. You know, just for a little while."

"I see. But your bed isn't big enough for the two of you." She closed the dishwasher door.

Molly choked on a laugh. Was her mother really listening to her? Molly eyeballed her as she listened. "So? He can stay?"

"Your father really needs someone to clean the gutters. Could he do that?" She suggested.

"That's all he needs to do?" Molly hated to smile too much. Possibly, her mother drank too much wine at dinner. It didn't seem possible. Her Mom was always worried about her wear-about. She hated it, if Molly was out too late.

"At least I'll know where you are." She sighed. She didn't ask about marriage or anything else. "I'll talk to your father. Maybe I'll call my best friend Doris. They might have a bed you two could use."

Molly turned and went straight to the couch to save Ben from the cat.

"This is really weird." She glared at him. "But my Mom is OK with you moving in."

"Well, we're not in high school, anymore." His shrug was a playful smile. "Look, lets give it a week, and if its not gonna work..then..."

"You have to clean out the gutters. She's expecting you to clean out the gutters." Molly fessed up as she scooted the cat away and sat next to him, holding his hand. She looked at his big fingers as she felt the softness of his inner wrist next to hers. It was true happiness. It was. They hadn't even had sex, this time. "My room might get a make over too." She smiled brightly. Of course, she wasn't sure they could even get in to her bed with all her clothes on the floor.


  1. I really like this story. The mom surprised me. I wonder what will happen next

  2. I'm sure there will be a price to pay. Somewhere down the line.

  3. I wonder what's next? Some interesting changes.

  4. this is so great! do you have plans to put all of this in a book sometime?