Friday, February 3, 2012

Ben and Molly

"Hey, look what I found." Rocco flashed a grin. His teeth were  perfectly straight. He handed over the Starbuck's gift card to Molly. "I'll never use it."

He was like that. Always brightening her day at work. Possibly, he was the best work husband in the world. That's what he was. Molly knew. They got a long, so well. She felt as if she knew his dog Ollie that he talked of a lot, and his sister's kids. He really was a regular kind of guy, even if he looked as if he could make an exquisite Italian lover, if ever given a chance.

Although, Molly knew she'd never know him, that way. It might mess up this. What they had going here, in the kitchen. Honestly, he made her day by his presence. She only wished she could be the friend he really deserved.

Sure, she listened. How his blond lab was on a diet. How Ollie got in a fight with a German Shepard and won. Even though, Rocco wished his friend's dog liked Ollie. He didn't want Ollie getting a bad reputation.

She slipped the gift card in her back pocket, as she tended to chopping up some carrots and celery for soup stock.

"Anything interesting about your holidays?" Rocco asked as he was getting dried pots and pans in their place in the bare white kitchen. It was bright and clean, all around. They were in white as if they were ready to do surgery on dinner.

"Oh..." She could have mentioned Ben, but she didn't. As it was, she'd been avoiding her phone, thinking why bother. He probably wouldn't call. And what if..what if it was only going to be these little one nighters with him? Well, the duration wasn't exactly small. Were things really any better between them? Possibly, she was reading too much into the situation. Still, she thought Ben's lips were sexy, and she wished for his gray blue eyes to gaze at her. This instant. All though, she didn't feel beautiful at the moment. "You know..." She gave Rocco a quick smile.

"No, I don't know. Exactly. I mean, you listen to me, go on about my dog. You probably think I have a thing for my dog." He shrugged.

"Well, you are sleeping with her." She smirked as she scrapped the veggies into the boiling vat.

Rocco rolled his eyes. "True, Ollie makes a good bed partner." He grinned. "So much calmer in bed, than Lizzy ever was." He took the cutting board and knife she'd been using. He rinsed the residue and put it in the steal dishwasher.

Next they went to cut up chicken parts, removed the skins.

Molly tried her best to continue working. She guessed Rocco wasn't seeing anyone. His girlfriend for five years left him. Rocco was  the kind who believed in lasting relationships. He'd known Lizzy since they were both 13. Now, he was going solo at 24. She wondered if he were really OK. Perhaps, it was best not to know everything about him.

Soon enough, he was talking about some band they should see, together. They should do something together. Even, go to the dog park with him and Ollie. Still, she never saw him after hours. She kept herself from seeing how good he might actually look in jeans and a real button down shirt. How beautiful he might be with his thick dark hair down. No, maybe she saw Rocco at his worst. His hair tied back, and in a hairnet. He certainly saw her, raw without make up, working up a sweat in her chief's hat. Perhaps it was good to keep it that way. Just friends. Sort of the way of keeping things with Ben. But that changed? Hadn't it?

Nothing really ever changed. Even if it did, maybe it was best not to notice.


  1. T.Mcdonnell is so could you over look that? Love this installment.

  2. I'm almost wanting it to be Rocco and Molly instead of Ben and Molly.